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KidFit 60, in collaboration with Vince Leah Community Centre, presents a childcare centre for pre-school children ages 2-5. KidFit 60 Jr. Childcare Academy is a place where being active, learning, imagination, and interaction come together and create success. We exist to provide a quality active learning environment for pre-school aged children.

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KidFit 60 Jr.: Welcome
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Kidfit 60Jr. Program Overview


Are you looking for an active alternative to traditional child care options for your pre-school-aged child? If so, KidFit 60 Jr. is your answer! KidFit 60 Jr. Childcare Academy is designed to let children learn through play, in an interactive environment with structured, instructor-led activities.

At KidFit 60. Jr. introduces children ages 2-5. We have a curriculum and learning process that is strengthened and supported by using a learn through movement and a theme-based learning approach. 

Each day children will engage in a structured teacher-led physical activity in our full-size gym and dance studio. Structured activities, such as yoga, dance, balance exercises, and basic movement skills. Low organized games and a free play block are also included to promote socialization and creativity. This will improve coordination, strength, skill, and the appreciation of being physically active. 

Children will have the opportunity to participate in a theme subject-based learning activity. Although subject areas are incorporated into our daily routines, transitions, and activities, we believe that focusing on a structured learning task will help aid in the learning process for children. Themes will be based on children's interests and will incorporate the alphabet, numbers and counting, reading, art, music, fine motor skill development, and many other learning activities across a variety of subject areas to support your child's growth. 

KidFit 60 Jr. is an active learning program for children ages 2-5 that is developed by experienced physical education teachers, the director of the program, and certified early childhood educators. 

KidFit 60 Jr. offers full child care, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, at the Vince Leah Community Centre located at 1295 Salter Avenue. We have done many facility upgrades and improvements to the community club, to help create a facility that will benefit our program and the needs of the community. 

Our facility features a 3000 square foot gymnasium with indoor artificial grass and safety flooring, a dance studio, a multipurpose area, kitchen, renovated daycare classrooms, and it will provide many other indoor and outdoor active learning opportunities for our children. 



*Prices are subject to change*

KidFit 60 Jr.: Packages & Pricing

*Two daily healthy snacks included*


Annual supply and activity fee of $250. 

3 Year Old

4 Year Old


Annual supply and activity fee of $250. 

Annual supply and activity fee of $250. 


5 Year Old - Half Days


Annual supply and activity fee of $125. One daily healthy snack included.

*Limited Spaces Available*

Seven Oaks School Division Bussing Available to certain schools!

Part Time
3 Days Per Week (Mon, Wed & Fri)


Plus annual supply and activity fee of $200. Two daily healthy snacks included.
*Limited Spaces Available*

Part Time
2 Days Per Week (Tues & Thurs)


Plus annual supply and activity fee of $175. Two daily healthy snacks included.
*Limited Spaces Available*

2 Year Old


KidFit 60 Jr.: 100% Tax Dedutible



At KidFit 60 Jr. Childcare Academy, our goal is to provide your child with the best possible care. We believe that maintaining open lines of communication is essential in order to meet the needs of all our families. We appreciate you taking the time to read and understand the expectations of our centre - should you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions regarding our program, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Thank you for choosing KidFit 60 Jr!

KidFit 60 Jr.: Parent Policy
KidFit 60 Jr.: Contact
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